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What is a dogtag?
Military dogtags were first used by the U.S. military for personal identification. The text is pressed into the steel of the dogtag.

What are laser tags?
Dogtags colored engraving, by a laser, is done using computer-controlled laser equipment. We achieve a very high precision which creates a high quality and robust product.
The rubber silencers are used to prevent the metal sound, which can be heard as more than one dogtag, "laser" or "art" tag is worn.

There are numerous applications known. Creative minds still find new applications for this robust information carrier. Our site has some examples.

Here are the most common applications:
  • Identity plate, your personal data
  • For your children on holiday and to amusement park
  • For your pets
  • Medical records, blood type, diabetes, heart disease, no penicillin, ..
  • Luggage Tag
  • Key ring
  • Event
  • As jewelry, design your own special Dogtag
  • Labeling Equipment
  • Sport, Skiing, Mountaineering, Diving
  • Military identification
  • Scouts / School camp
  • Art for fun tags
  • Constellation with
  • As a gift

For your child
Especially for children (and their parents), identity plates offer a solution. Your little explorer sometimes goes too far in a busy shopping street, park or on holiday. You will soon be warned if the name of your minor will be announced or a phone call on your mobile. It's good to give your (grand) children identity plates as a gift to give a safe feeling to everyone.
Older children are wearing dogtags because it has a tough image and because pop idols wear them.

For yourself
The identity tag is not only fun and useful for children, it can also save lives. Doctors have your main medical information when you are wearing dogtags.

The Identity Plate
The identity tags are made of special stainless steel (anti-allergy) and has rounded edges. The tag has room for 5 lines of 15 characters (including spaces). The rubber silencer prevent metal sound and the (bullet) chain will break when pulled with force. The chain length is suitable for adults and can be made shorter as desired.